Ukrainian Chaplaincy

Very Rev Mons, Mitered Archpriest Mykola Matwijiwskyj, Apostolic Administrator – sede vacante • Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of the Holy Family of London. Residence: Bishop’s House, 22 Binney Street, London WlK 5BQ. Tel: 020 7629 1073.

Very Rev David John Senyk, Chancellor of the Eparchial Curia of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy Holy Family of London. Residence: 34 Dawlish Drive, Styvechale, Coventry, CV3 5NB. Email: Tel 07870 578883

Very Rev Aleksandr Lisovskij St,Volodymyr the Great, 186 Station Street East, Coventry CV6 5FR 024 7626 5294

Fr Volodymyr Sampara, 67 Kearsley Road, Manchester M8 4CL 0161 312 7002 Mob: 0777 271 4923
E-mail: Church: 0161 795 9924.

Masses (Ukrainian Eastern Bzyantine Rite)

Birmingham: St Catherine;s’ Bristol Road, 1st Saturday of the month 2.00pm

Coventry:  St Volodymyr the Great, Broad Street, CV6 5TR. Sunday 10.30am

Stoke-on-Trent: Sacred Heart Hanley,  1st Sun, 3.00pm.

Wolverhampton: St Volodymyr and Olha, Merridale Street, 1st & 3rd Sundays and Holydays at 2.00pm.

Manchester Dorm1t1on of Our Lady, Bury Old Road, Manchester, M7 4PX, Daily 10 OOam, Sunday Op rn 9.00am & 10.30am

Note: The marriages of Ukrainian Catholics, who belong to the Byzantine Rite, are regulated by the matrimonial law of the Eastern churches in the Code of Canon Law of Eastern- Churches (1990) Canons 776-866.
Since in England and Wales Ukrainian Catholics form their own ecclesiastical and juridical body, the ‘Eparchy’, inter-ritual discipline is as follows:
1. All marriage documents concerning Ukrainian Catholics of the Byzantine Rite should be arranged by a Ukrainian Catholic Priest.
2. When the Catholics are of mixed Rite their marriage must be celebrated in the Rite of the groom, and before his parish priest.
3. If the bride is of a western Rite her parish priest prepares her marriage papers, sending them to the Ukrainian priest. Banns are read by both priests. After the marriage the Ukrainian priest informs the parish priest of the bride of its celebration.
4, When one party is a Catholic of the Byzantine Rite and the other a non-Catholic the case belongs entirely to the Priest of the Byzantine Rite.
5. When both parents, validly married, are Catholics but of different Rites, all children without distinction of sex follow the Rite of the father.