“The Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many.” Reflection for 29th Week of Ordinary Time, 17th/18th October 2021

“Those who seek the Lord Lack no Blessing”. Reflection Sunday 9th/10th Oct 2021


May the Lord Bless Us All the Days of Our Life – 27th Week of Ordinary Time


“God’s Spirit in the World.”26th Week of Ordinary Time

Reflection / Homily: 23rd Week of the Year

Reflection / Homily: 22nd Week of the Year

Reflection / Homily: 21st Week of the Year

Reflection / Homily: The Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Reflection/Homily: 19th week of Ordinary Time

Reflection/Homily: 17th week of Ordinary Time


Reflection / Homily: 16th week of Ordinary Time

11th July: 15th week of Ordinary Time

4th July:  14th week of Ordinary Time

27th June “You have the message of eternal life” 13th Week of Ordinary Time

Podcast: Podcast Saint Etheldreda (Audrey) and Ely Cathedral

20th June “Even the wind and the sea obey him.” 12th week of the Year

13th June Reflection / Homily: 11th Sunday of the Year


Sunday 6th June 2021. 8pm Livestream Mass from Maryvale:

Sunday 6th June Reflection / Homily:Corpus Christi

The Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ: 6th June 2021. “The cup of salvation I will raise; I will call on the Lord’s name.”

30th May  Reflection/Homily: Trinity Sunday

23rd May Reflection / Homily:  Pentecost


16th May: Reflection/Homily: 7th week of Easter 16th 17th May Video:

9th May:  Reflection/Homily: 6th week of Easter Video:

Podcast text: The Rosary 6th May

2nd May 2021

Reflection/Homily: Fifth Week of Easter Video:


25th April 2021

Reflection/Homily:  Fourth Week of Easter “The Good Shepherd has risen, who laid down His life for His sheep”

18th April 2021

Reflection/Homily: Third Week of Easter 15.4.21  “Lord Jesus explain the Scriptures to us”

9th April 2021

Reflection/Homily:  Second Week of Easter “Peace be with you”

2nd April 2021

Stations of the Cross  31 March 2021 video link  The Angelus 25th March 2021 video link

Reflection/Homily: Easter Sunday 1.4.21

26th March 2021

Reflection/Homily: Palm Sunday 25.3.21

19th March 2021

Reflection/Homily: Fifth Week of Lent 18.3.21

12th March 2021

Reflection/Homily:”God sent His son into the world not to condemn the world, but so that
through Him the world might be saved”  Fourth Week of Lent

5th March 2021

Reflection/Homily: “You Lord, have the message of eternal life” Third Week of Lent

28 February / 1 March 2021

Reflection/Homily: “This is my Son, the Beloved. Listen to Him” Second Week of Lent

21/22 February 2021

Reflection/Homily: First Week of Lent 18.2.21 “Lord, make me know your ways”

14/15 February 2021

Reflection/Homily: “He had to stay outside in places where nobody lived” 6th Week in Ordinary Time 

7/8 February 2021

Reflection/Homily: “I should be punished if I did not preach the Gospel” 5th Week in Ordinary Time

2 February 2021

Recording of 8pm Mass for Candlemas:

31 January / 1 February 2021

Reflection/Homily: “He taught them with Authority.” Fourth Week in Ordinary Time 28.1.21

24/25 January 2021

Reflection/Homily: “Lord, make me know your ways” 3rd Week in Ordinary Time 21.1.21

17/18 January 2021

Reflection/Homily: Second Week in Ordinary Time 14.1.21

Also: Poster 22.1.2021 Accompanying Couples over a Lifetime (May 2020)

10/11 January 2021

Reflection/Homily: Solemnity of the Epiphany 6.1.21 and Baptism of the Lord 7.1.21

2/3 January 2021

Reflection/Homily: Second Sunday after Christmas 31.12.21 ““The word was made flesh and He lived among us.”

26/27  December 2020

Reflection/Homily: Christmas Mass 23.12.20 “The people that walked in darkness has seen a great light”

19/20 December 2020

Reflection/Homily: Fourth Week of Advent 17.12.85 “You are my Father”

12/13 December 2020

Reflection/Homily: Third Week of Advent 10.12.20  “My Spirit Rejoices in God my Saviour.”

3/4 December 2020

Reflection/Homily:  Second Week of Advent 3.12.20  “Open our Hearts in Welcome”

28/29 November 2020

Reflection/Homily:  First Week of Advent 26.11.20“Waiting for Our Lord Jesus Christ.”

21/22 November 2020

Reflection/Homily: Solemnity of Christ the King 19.11.20 “I am going to look after my flock myself and keep all of it in view.”

8/9 November 2020

Reflection/Homily 33rd Week in Ordinary Time 12.11.20 “Keep Faithful and I will give you the Crown of Life.”

1/2 November

Reflection/Homily: 32nd Week in Ordinary Time 5.11.20 “For you my soul is thirsting O God, my God”

3 November 2020

Visit to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham and Adoration in the Basilica: prayers for the Ethnic Chaplaincies, Eparchies and Missions.

1/2 November 2020

Reflection/Homily:All Saints and All Souls 29.10.20  “Everyone is invited to the Feast”

24/25 October 2020

Reflection / Homily: Reflection 30th Week of the Year 22.10.20 “This is the greatest and first Commandment”

One World Week -Intercultural Celebration. Archdiocese of Birmingham 18-25 October 2020

“Everyone is Invited to the Feast” One World Week link and news story link

17/18 October 2020

Homily/Reflection: 29th Week in Ordinary Time 15.10.20

11th October 2020

A short vlog covering Mgr Daniel McHugh Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our lady of Good Counsel near Rome  ‘Tutto Andra Bene – All will be well’ link

10/11 October 2020

Homily/Reflection: 27th Week in Ordinary Time 1.1.20

3/4 October 2020

Homily/Reflection: 27th Week in Ordinary Time 1.1.20

26/27th September 2020

Homily/Reflection: 26th Week in Ordinary Time 24.9.20

19/20th September 2020

Homily/Reflection: 25th Week in Ordinary Time 17.9.20

12/13th September 2020

Homily/Reflection: 24th Week in Ordinary Time 10.9.20

6th September 2020 

Homily/Reflection:  23rd Week in Ordinary Time 3.9.20

30 August 2020

Homily/Reflection: Reflection 22nd Week of the Year

23 August 2020

Homily/Reflection: Reflection 21st Week of the Year

15 August 2020

Reflection Feast of the Assumption Reflection Assumption of Our Lady

9 August 2020

Reflection Reflection 19th Week of the Year

2/3 August 2020

Reflection 18th Week of the Year “Nothing can come between us and the Love of Christ”

26/27 July 2020

Reflection 17th Week of the Year “The Treasure Beyond Price”

19/20 July 2020

Reflection for the 16th Week of the Year – “After sin you will grant repentance”

10th July 2020

Pilgrimage to Cascia 6 -9 July

5/6 July 2020 Reflection for the  14th Week of the Year  “The Golden Rule”  Read

28/29 June 2020

Reflection Solemnity St Peter and St Paul

21/22 June 2020

Reflection 12th Week of the Year 2

14/15 June 2020

Reflection Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Reflection Solemnity of Body and Blood of Christ

7 / 8 June 2020

Reflection Trinity Sunday

30/31 May 2020

bflg_Letter to Chinese Community 220520

Reflection Pentecost Sunday

23/24 May 2020


Reflection 7th Sunday of Easter

16/17 May

Reflection 6th Sunday of Easter – God with Us

9/10 May 2020

Reflection for 5th Sunday of Easter: – You Point The Way

Punjabi Chaplaincy  NewsLetter 07.05.2020  Reflection 5th Sunday of Easter

3rd May 2020

Reflection for 4th Sunday of Easter: The Good Shepherd

Reflection 4th Sunday of Easter

1st May 2020.

Reflection for 3rd Sunday of Easter: Grounded in Hope.

25th April 2020

Reflection 3rd Week of Easter NewsLetter 25.04.2020

10th April 2020

Reflection for Easter: Grounds for Hope. a copy of the Reflection link

26 February 2020

Watch Mgr Daniel McHugh latest Video  link

2 February 2020

Interview with Bishop Kenneth Nowokowski head of  the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy in Britain

Bishop Kenneth Nowokowsk, new head of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy in Britain. Mgr McHugh first met “Fr Ken” with Abp Couve de Murville in Lviv, Ukraine in 1996. He met him again on Sunday 2nd February 2020 at the Ukrainian Cathedral in London. Listen to the interview.

1 February  2020

Interview with Fr Jeremy Howard, Chaplain to the Francophone Community

Mgr McHugh met with him on 1 February in Our Lady of Lourdes in Hednesford to plan involvement of the Catholic Ethnic Chaplaincies at the next Pilgrimage Day. Listen to a short interview.

Syro-Malabar Parish. Story link Photos link

In preparation for Palm Sunday, Mgr McHugh visited Fr George Ettuparayil and interviewed him. Listen here: